Official repository for the ShanEnt analysis package

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ShanEnt is a Python toolkit for integrative, whole-proteome statistical analysis of amino acid sequence-features.

ShanEnt was developed in the context of working with intrinsically disordered proteins and protein regions, but in principle could be used for any amino acid sequence. It combines novel analysis approaches with the integration of a range of extant databases to provide a general framework for exploring sequence features in disordered proteins.

ShanEnt is being developed by Garrett Ginell and Alex Holehouse at Washington University in St. Louis.


The open beta will be released in the coming months. If you have features/types of analysis you’d like to see incorporated in please don’t hesitate to reach out via g-[dot]-ginell-[at]-wustl-[dot]-edu.

Please check back regularly for updates (last updated March 4th 2019)!